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Will Hypoxi work for me?

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Will Hypoxi work for me?

On May 26, 2016, Posted by , In Blog, With Comments Off on Will Hypoxi work for me?

Maybe you are wondering if YOU are the only person that Hypoxi won’t work for?

The answer is definitely NO. There is no-one we have seen that hasn’t had a benefit from completing HYPOXI sessions!

Every client we have helped so far has had a definite improvement in skin tone, skin texture, general complexion & general well being.

The increased blood circulation caused by the gentle vacuum pressure ensures this outcome.

Surely someone out there didn’t get a great Hypoxi result…

Prospective clients often ask me if there is ever anyone that has no change of size using HYPOXI?

So I thought it would be a good idea to write about how YOU can get the best out of your HYPOXI sessions.

Across our last 100 clients the average centimetre loss has been 30cm (the aggregate total of cm’s lost across the waist, tummy, hips, bum, thigh, leg & knee)

The smallest loss we have seen is about 8cm while the largest has been 69cm!

Why the difference? Part of this extreme difference is the amount of fat there is on the body to work on- obviously a size 22 is usually going to have a greater loss than a size 6 as there is more to lose!

For the Aussie average female size 14 the difference often comes down to how committed you are to get a result.

There are not too many rules while doing HYPOXI but there are a few; & your commitment to following the programme properly is what will make the largest difference to how many centimetres you will lose.

You are a walking advertisement for our business- so of course we want you to get the best result possible so you can tell all your friends that HYPOXI works!

Get the best results for you

So…what are the important rules for getting the best out of HYPOXI?

  • Don’t eat in the last 90 minutes before your HYPOXI session! (We want you to burn stored fat from your body- not your breakfast!)
  • Wear LOOSE pants or shorts- HYPOXI works on low pressure vacuum & compression- this will be less effective if you wear tights / compression gear.
  • Don’t eat for 2 hours after your session- just drink water! (your body will continue to burn fat for up to 6 hours after your HYPOXI session so make sure you don’t refuel too early!)
  • For 6 hours after your session steer clear of starchy carbs, all other exercise, caffeine & alcohol to make sure you maximise this post workout fat burn zone.
  • Get your water intake up- you need one litre of water for every 25kg of body weight per day to help keep you hydrated & to get the fat & toxins to flush through your system.
  • (The colder the water the better as it takes more energy for your body to use ice water than room temp water…the more you drink-the more you shrink!)
  • Steer clear of alcohol & sugar especially on HYPOXI days and try to eat good nutritious food- (processed / packaged foods/ cafe prepared meals often contain far more calories/carbs & saturated fat than you would consume by cooking the same meal at home.)
  • Don’t expect to get a result if you don’t actually attend your HYPOXI sessions!

It is critical that when you commit that you actually attend your three HYPOXI sessions per week for at least four weeks to get the change you are looking for.

Treat your HYPOXI pack as an important part of your schedule- lock your sessions in like they are important specialist appointments – it makes a huge difference to your results if you attend haphazardly!

Hope that all helps you get a better understanding of making HYPOXI work for you.

look good. do good. feel good.




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